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Health, Consumers and Reference Materials

Trainee positions

Code: 2019-GEE-F-000-012370 - GEEL
Authenticity of herbs and spices
Deadline: 01/09/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-F-000-012368 - ISPRA
Digital PCR
Deadline: 30/09/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-F-000-012288 - ISPRA
High Content Analysis (HCA) to assess the potential toxicity of micro and nano plastics on in vitro models
Deadline: 30/08/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Energy, Transport and Climate

Code: 2019-PTT-C-000-012150 - PETTEN
Energy modelling visualisation
Deadline: 11/09/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Nuclear Safety Department

Code: 2019-KRU-G-000-012188 - KARLSRUHE
Modelling of Isotope Separation by irradiation (M-Iso-Sep)
Deadline: 09/09/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-PTT-G-000-012148 - PETTEN
Modelling of Isotope Separation by irradiation (M-Iso-Sep)
Deadline: 26/08/2019 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY