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Health, Consumers and Reference Materials

Trainee positions

Code: 2019-IPR-F-000-013450 - ISPRA
Trainee on analysing temporal trends in chemical exposure using IPCHEM
Deadline: 28/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-F-000-013331 - ISPRA
Medical Device Cybersecurity
Deadline: 24/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-F-000-013372 - ISPRA
Feasibility of a microplastics repository
Deadline: 24/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Energy, Transport and Climate

Code: 2019-IPR-C-000-013389 - ISPRA
Characterisation of advanced photovoltaic cells and modules
Deadline: 26/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-C-000-013368 - ISPRA
TRIMIS web-design
Deadline: 20/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2019-IPR-C-000-013430 - ISPRA
Trainee on Energy End-user Behaviour
Deadline: 19/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Space, Security and Migration

Code: 2019-IPR-E-000-013248 - ISPRA
Mixed Reality for Research and Science Communication
Deadline: 20/01/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Sustainable Resources

Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-013508 - ISPRA
Marine Pollution Assessments harmonization support for floating marine macro litter
Deadline: 03/02/2020 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY