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Institute for Energy and Transport

Trainee positions

Code: 2015-IPR-F-000-5093 - ISPRA
CO2 emissions from road vehicles
Deadline: 09/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2015-PTT-F-000-5115 - PETTEN
Trends regarding Nuclear Human Resources in the EU
Deadline: 03/07/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2015-PTT-F-000-5173 - PETTEN
Models for Regulation of energy markets
Deadline: 16/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2015-PTT-F-000-4973 - PETTEN
Safety assessment of nuclear cladding using the TRANSURANUS code
Deadline: 29/05/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen

Code: 2015-IPR-G-000-5133 - ISPRA
Financial Risk Analysis and Modelling
Deadline: 11/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2015-IPR-G-000-5073 - ISPRA
Analyst of news on conflict mineral resources
Deadline: 03/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Code: 2015-IPR-H-000-4975 - ISPRA
Establishing the basis for environmental benchmarking between organisations in the context of the Organisation Environmental Footprint
Deadline: 03/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Institute for Health and Consumer Protection

Code: 2015-IPR-I-000-5213 - ISPRA
SCOEL Support Project
Deadline: 24/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2015-IPR-I-000-5134 - ISPRA
Statistical analysis of medical devices data and information for signal and trending detection purposes
Deadline: 11/06/2015 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY