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Space, Security and Migration

Trainee positions

Code: 2017-IPR-E-000-8584 - ISPRA
Migration profiles
Deadline: 25/05/2017 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2017-IPR-E-000-8270 - ISPRA
Practical training on experimental methods
Deadline: 08/05/2017 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Sustainable Resources

Code: 2017-IPR-D-000-8484 - ISPRA
Crop phenology and remote sensing data time series analysis
Deadline: 11/05/2017 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2017-IPR-D-000-8464 - ISPRA
Support to the ongoing assessment of the USEtox model
Deadline: 10/05/2017 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY

Knowledge Management

Code: 2017-IPR-H-000-8564 - ISPRA
Graphics support and Infographics to communicate on Science for Policy
Deadline: 24/05/2017 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY