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Sustainable Resources

Trainee positions

Code: 2018-IPR-D-000-010109 - ISPRA
Support to Knowledge Management for the Bioeconomy
Deadline: 14/06/2018 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2018-IPR-D-000-010100 - ISPRA
Modelling soil erosion based on future land use scenarios at European scale
Deadline: 13/06/2018 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2018-IPR-D-000-010102 - ISPRA
Policy support to the secure supply of raw materials to the EU (primary and secondary) – economics and trade
Deadline: 13/06/2018 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2018-IPR-D-000-010066 - ISPRA
Molecular based detection of microorganisms as chemical pollutants’ indicators in the water samples
Deadline: 05/06/2018 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY
Code: 2018-IPR-D-000-010022 - ISPRA
Machine learning to derive crop phenology from geo-tagged street level imagery
Deadline: 30/05/2018 23:59 Brussels time  Info:   APPLY